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Brandon Reed (Cartoon Connect) raised on the west-side of South Bend Indiana, started making YouTube videos in July of 2014. His first cartoon he was not happy with at all so he was determined to get better. He spent a year watching tutorials and basically teaching himself how to animate. At the end of 2015 he went through a really hard time in life which left him sad and depressed. At this point he was working full time to take care of his kids. After months of being down and depressed, he decided to pick himself up and get back into making cartoons. A month later he ended up in the hospital. At this time he was gaining a small buzz on YouTube with 6,000 subscribers. After multiple surgeries, and being in the ICU He realized it was time to take his dream seriously and began making YouTube videos again. August 2016 he collaborated with RonboiTv on a cartoon called "Lil Ron Ron" people loved this cartoon. Overnight it gained 1 million views on Facebook. Today Lil Ron Ron has a Large fan base and brings in over 100 million views on YouTube, Facebook, and social media in general. Cartoon Connect has grown to around 850,000 subscribers on YouTube, he is working his way to 1 million subscribers. He is currently a self employed YouTube animator and  single father of two kids making a living with his artwork.